Michael Hallett

Michael Hallett

Michael Hallett serves as Chief Operating Officer and Field Scientist for Confluence Engineering Group, LLC. In this capacity Michael manages the day-to-day business operations of the company, as well as acting as project scientist for all field related work. For the past 31 years Michael has worked in a wide variety of positions within the field of physical sciences, with experience in the collection and analysis of air, water, and soil samples.

Before co-founding Confluence in 2008 Mr. Hallett served as President of Three Rivers Contracting Services (TRCS), a small company providing field support in the physical sciences.  TRCS was involved in the construct and operation of pilot water treatment studies for various municipalities in the Pacific Northwest and the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Staff at TRCS also constructed and operated air quality monitoring pilot studies for the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the California department of Evironmental Protection.

Before founding TRCS Michael was a member of a research team employed by the US Forest Service to assess firefighter exposure to the hazardous constituents of smoke at wildfires and prescribed burns. The core of this work involved the collection and analysis of gas and particulate phase pollutants in breathing zone samples from forest firefighters. In this position he conducted chemical and gravimetric analyses of samples using gas and liquid chromatographs, infrared spectrophotometers and high sensitivity balances, wrote standard operating procedures, and provided graphics and data management support to senior scientists. Michael contributed extensively to method development on the high-performance liquid chromatograph, while also developing several innovations to improve the efficiency and quality of data collection.  Additionally, he supervised the organization and implimentation of long field seasons, including the preplanning necessary for extended field efforts in remote locations throughout the western states, while also managing the operations of a high efficiency organics lab.