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Source: Mofidi et al. Opflow 2019

Building Water Quality Management: Welcome

Building Water Quality Management

Building water quality management to protect against growth of Legionella and other pathogens has been a growing need for decades and has become even more important amid facility shutdowns during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Water management is needed for many buildings across many industries, which is why a knowledgeable, custom-tailored management plan – not a generic plan or approach – is needed for each facility.

Confluence’s team is world class at providing timely, professional water quality treatment and/or system operations management advice to building owners and managers. What makes us unique from other building water quality consultants? Water quality is what we have done, and what we do, every day. We provide independent consulting without the burden of selling treatment equipment and without pushing long, costly ‘standby’ services that prevent knowledge transfer to building staff. Our expertise comes from a history of informing regulatory programs, advancing the knowledge of distribution system and plumbing hazard analysis and critical controls (including all aspects of physical/chemical treatment, disinfection, water age management, and other operational techniques to reduce water quality risk), and identifying how facility engineering and operations can effectively combat microbial re-growth kinetics.

The water quality management plans we develop support the empowerment of building manager-led programs to  meet ever-changing industry guidelines. 

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