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PFAS Monitoring and Assessment: Services
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PFAS Monitoring and Assessment: Image

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large family of chemicals. Understanding their presence, persistence, and potential risk to human health are rapidly evolving in environmental and drinking water settings. Regulatory and monitoring programs are developing on a state-by-state basis as EPA begins to implement their strategic roadmap.

Confluence is helping clients understand and navigate the PFAS landscape, even as it shifts. We are supporting investigations into sources of contamination, the development of comprehensive monitoring plans, regulatory compliance strategies, data collection and visualization, risk communication, and water treatment options and performance evaluations.

Confluence engineers and scientists have a deep background in regulatory requirements and response, as well as treatment evaluations and pilot testing across a broad array of contaminant risks and we are prepared to help clients respond to this important and emerging risk.

PFAS Monitoring and Assessment: Text
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