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Filtration and Treatment Studies: Pro Gallery

Filtration and Treatment Studies

Confluence has been involved in a variety of projects related to the treatment and optimization of groundwater and surface water supplies. Projects have ranged from  large regional municipal water systems with multiple sources of surface water and groundwater supplies to smaller systems with one well as a source of supply. Work on these projects has involved a host of sub-specialties, such as:

  • Compatibility assessments

  • Fe/Mn oxidation/filtration

  • Fe/Mn sequestration

  • Arsenic removal

  • Chromium removal

  • Sulfide destruction

  • VOC removal (stripping, adsorption)

  • Ammonia adsorption/breakpoint removal

  • Chlorine demand/decay studies

  • Booster chloramination and breakpoint free chlorination

  • CO2 removal (pH adjustment) using membrane contactor and diffused aeration

  • Surface water process evaluations and pilot testing

  • Pipe loop pilot design & implementation

  • Blending analyses

  • Dissolved Oxygen injection

Filtration and Treatment Studies: Text
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