Stephen Booth<br /><span style=Ph.D., P.E.'>

Stephen Booth
Ph.D., P.E.

Stephen Booth is a Senior Project Manager with Confluence Engineering Group, LLC (Confluence) in Seattle, Washington. Before joining Confluence, Stephen was a Research Engineer with Carollo Engineers and an Associate Scientist with Kennedy/Jenks Consultants. Stephen has 23 years of experience, specializing in drinking water quality and treatment. He has led applied research projects, water quality studies, and system and facilities plans for utilities across the western US.

Stephen brings to Confluence a variety of research and applied skills in drinking water treatment design, pilot plant design and operation, and water aesthetics. He has performed detailed treatment plant evaluations, assisted utilities is developing new source waters, led extensive pilot studies, and worked to help utilities develop and implement novel treatment options. Stephen is the author of numerous technical papers and has presented at various regional and national AWWA, IWA, and IOA conferences. In addition, Stephen has served as Chair of the AWWA Taste and Odor Committee and the PNWS AWWA Water Quality Committee, and is a current member of the PNWS AWWA Research Committee.