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Melinda Friedman

Melinda Friedman is founder and President of Confluence Engineering Group, LLC (Confluence) in Seattle, Washington. Prior to founding Confluence in 2008, she spent 18 years serving as Water Quality Program Lead and Project Principal at HDR Engineering, Inc., and at Economic and Engineering Services, Inc., in Bellevue, Washington.

Melinda has many years of experience providing services related to source water and distribution system water quality evaluation, regulatory compliance, comprehensive planning, and optimized treatment practices. As a recognized leader with respect to distribution system water quality, she has participated in numerous research efforts and has helped to prepare many prominent industry Guidance Manuals published by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Research Foundation (WaterRF). Examples include:

  • Criteria for Optimized Distribution Systems (WaterRF, 2010)
  • Assessment of Inorganics Accumulation in Drinking Water Scales and Sediments (WaterRF, 2010)
  • Strategies for Managing and Responding to Total Coliform and E. coli in Distribution Systems (WaterRF, 2009) 
  • Development of Distribution System Water Quality Optimization Plans (AwwaRF and AWWA, 2005)
  • Verification and Control of Pressure Transients and Intrusion in Distribution Systems (AwwaRF, 2004)
  • Establishing Site-Specific Flushing Velocities (AwwaRF, 2003)

Melinda is a Past Trustee of the Pacific Northwest Section (PNWS) AWWA, and Past Chair of the PNWS AWWA Water Quality Management Committee.  She is an active member of National AWWA Distribution System Water Quality, Inorganic Contaminant, and Distribution System Research Committees. She was the 2017 recipient of the George Warren Fuller Award for Engineering Excellence. She is routinely called upon to present at national and international conferences and symposiums.