Virpi Salo-Zieman, PE

Virpi is a project engineer with Confluence Engineering Group LLC (Confluence).  Before joining Confluence, Virpi worked as a regional engineer with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) for 11 years. Virpi's experience includes: administering drinking water regulations, inspecting water systems, reviewing projects and plans for regulatory compliance related to federal and state-specific requirements, and evaluating performance of existing treatment plants. She has inspected approximately 150 water systems in western Washington.

In addition to her role as the engineer assigned to a specific region, she has been the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) specialist while with the Southwest region and regional leader for the arsenic treatment optimization program (ATOP) while with the Northwest region.

Prior to joining the DOH, Virpi completed graduate school at the University of Washington and post-graduate school at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. She has worked as a research engineer and research assistant at a biomining research project and assistant in academic research projects related to screening and enriching microbes for medical purposes.




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