Andrew Hill, PE

Andrew Hill is a Senior Project Manager with Confluence Engineering Group, LLC, located in Bend Oregon. Andrew has 19 years of professional engineering experience in planning, research, and evaluation related to drinking water treatment and distribution system water quality control. Andrew’s areas of technical expertise include: reaction chemistry; assessment and mitigation of legacy pipe deposits and biofilm; behavior and treatment of inorganic contaminants; disinfection byproduct  control; and corrosion control.

Andrew has published industry guidance manuals and peer-reviewed articles related to asset and water quality management, distribution system best practices for water quality control, and main cleaning. Andrew routinely conducts applied research studies, bench- and pilot-scale treatment tests, and distribution system pilot tests to evaluate contaminant removal, assess pipe wall reactions on bulk water, and evaluate treatment and mitigation strategies. Andrew has worked with numerous utilities to plan and implement capital improvements for new, upgraded, and expanded facilities, addressing a variety of inter-related project challenges through a comprehensive evaluation approach tailored to each utilities needs, opportunities, and constraints.




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