Distribution System Optimization and Main Cleaning

Confluence has been involved in a number of different projects focusing on distribution system optimization.  Working with a variety of large, medium, and small systems around the country, Confluence has helped these systems meet national and local regulatory requirements while balancing aesthetic water quality and distribution system operational goals.

Melinda Friedman has directed teams of national experts and developed two of the leading distribution system optimization industry Guidance Manuals:

These manuals are currently being used by the AWWA Partnership for Safe Water to develop a national, voluntary program consisting of numeric criteria and assessment tools for optimization of drinking water distribution systems.

Members of the Confluence team have also worked closely with individual utilities to help them assess impacts of their current operations, maintenance, construction, engineering, and monitoring programs on distribution system water quality.  Specific clients include:




Ice pigging

Ice Pigging

UDF Tigard, OR

UDF-Tigard, OR

UDF - hydrant net

Capturing Hydrant Flush Solids To Assess Flushing Effectiveness

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